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Back from mini-vacation and climbing

Today I returned from a great mini-vacation (long weekend). My parents and I visited my sister, in-law, niece, and nephew in Bavaria. We don’t see each other very often, it’s always great for me to see my niece and nephew grow, and play with them.

The highlight of the vacation was on Sunday, when my father, my in-law, and me went to Insbruck, Austria, on a 5-hour fixed-rope route climbing tour. It was my first outside climbing experience (I only did some indoor bouldering so far), and so I was looking forward to this new experience.

Martin on mountain top (click for more photos)

It was a “difficulty medium” trail, and indeed it was quite challenging at times. At some spots I couldn’t really climb any more, but had to cheat and resort to clinging to the rope. But it was fun anyway!

The Alps are such a wonderful place for enjoying fresh air, sun, and the nature!

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gvfs: Buh-bye, hal!

In the merciless vendetta for purging hal we now reached another major milestone: gvfs, GNOME’s file system layer which handles USB storage as well as virtual file systems for libgphoto2 cameras, Bluetooth devices, audio CDs, or ftp/sftp/cifs mounts, is now fully ported to libgudev and doesn’t need hal at all any more. These long nights of porting weren’t in vain, after all \o/.

Now I just need to hassle David Zeuthen to apply the patches soon. Of course I couldn’t wait and already uploaded them to Karmic, so please test the hell out of it and let me know about problems. is a little greener once again. 🙂

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