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Die nächste Stufe…

… auf der Taekwondo-Leiter ist erreicht!

Gestern fand hier in Dresden mal wieder ein Lehrgang mit unserem Großmeister Kim Chul Hwan. Er hat uns ab um neun ordentlich auf Trab gehalten. Ich hab mich gestern auch mal wieder einer Gürtelprüfung gestellt, die ich auch bestanden habe. Formenlauf, Einschritt- und Freikampf gingen glatt über die Bühne, ich hatte nur etwas Bammel vor dem Bruchtest (Yop-Chagi), da ich den vorher noch nicht geübt hatte. Ging aber beim ersten Versuch durch.

Nun bin ich stolzer Träger des 4. Kups (blauer Gürtel)!

English summary:
Yesterday I earned the next Taekwondo belt at the training camp with grandmaster Kim Chul Hwan. Now I’m the proud bearer of the 4th kup (blue belt).

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PostgreSQL security/bug fix update, please test

PostgreSQL recently published new point releases which fix the usual range of important bugs (data loss/wrong results, etc.) and additionally fix another case of insecure “security definer” functions (the analogon to setuid programs in file system space for SQL functions) (CVE-2007-6600). Please see the complete changes for 8.1.18 (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS), 8.3.8 (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, 8.10, and 9.04), and 8.4.1 (Ubuntu 9.10).

8.4.1 is already in Ubuntu 9.10 and in my PostgreSQL Backports PPA for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and 9.04. Updates for the other supported Ubuntu releases are currently in -proposed, waiting for testing feedback.

If you use PostgreSQL, please give the -proposed packages some testing and report back in Ubuntu bug #430544. Thanks!

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Karmic: guest session is back

It has been broken for two months, since we upgraded to the “new” (not quite any more) gdm in Karmic: But I finally got around to re-doing the gdm patch for supporting a guest session for 2.27. I use it myself a lot for testing stuff with a clean user profile, so I can finally delete my herd of test users again.

One known drawback is that the guest session is not currently restricted by AppArmor rules yet. I’ll get to this at some point, I filed LP #425793 to keep it on the radar.

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New Blog address / Neue Blog-Addresse

I moved my blog from its old home to my own server, replacing my ancient home page.

Mein Blog ist von seiner alten auf meinen eigenen Server umgezogen, und hat damit auch gleich meine Uralt-Homepage ersetzt.

Automated release tarball upload to Launchpad

I often do upstream releases of my upstream projects that I do on Launchpad, mostly for Apport and jockey. But doing this has been quite tedious until now: You have to go to the project page, pick the series (usually “trunk”), create a new release, create a new milestone along the way, then go to “add download file”, and upload your .tar.gz and .tar.gz.asc.

Because this is rather inconvenient, I don’t do as many upstream releases as I should. But thanks to our tireless launchpadlib developers it is now possible to automate all that, so I wrote a new script lp-project-upload which does all that in a simple command:

  $ lp-project-upload apport 1.8.2 apport-1.8.2.tar.gz
  Release 1.8.2 could not be found for project. Create it? (Y/n) y

The script is based on Brad Crittenden’s recipe for uploading project files, and I added the creation of milestones and releases.

The script is contained in current Karmic’s ubuntu-dev-tools package now. Enjoy, and of course feel free to extend it for changelogs, release notes, etc.

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