My desktop backup solution
8 November 2009

Requirements Through the last years I have used various own hacks for backing up my desktop(s). There are dozens of packaged backup solutions in Debian/Ubuntu already, but none of them did quite fit my requirements: KISS! no fancy web UI, storage formats, or millions of plugins and configuration files; backups should just be a normally accessible directory Supports standard backup strategy: daily backups for last week, weekly backups for last month, permanent monthly backups. ... Read More

Photo Quiz
2 November 2009

Vor einer Weile habe ich ein wirklich interessantes und schönes Motiv gefunden und fotografiert. Errät jemand, was das ist? A while ago I found a really interesting and beautiful motif and shot a photo of it. Can anyone guess what it is? Update: Natürlich habt Ihr es rausbekommen, es ist gefrorener Spinat in einer Schachtel. Ich habe das nur durch Zufall entdeckt, und fand die Eiskristalle einfach wunderschön. Of course you got it right; it’s frozen spinach in a box. ... Read More

Hello Ween!
1 November 2009

Ein gruselig schönes Halloween an Euch alle! Gestern haben Netti und ich wieder gebastelt: Wir hatten mit einigen Freunden eine sehr schöne Feier. Danke nochmal an Sonni und Knäcke! English: Happy Halloween everyone! Netti and I made some nice pumpkin yesterday, and had a great party with some friends.

Die nächste Stufe…
27 September 2009

… auf der Taekwondo-Leiter ist erreicht! Gestern fand hier in Dresden mal wieder ein Lehrgang mit unserem Großmeister Kim Chul Hwan. Er hat uns ab um neun ordentlich auf Trab gehalten. Ich hab mich gestern auch mal wieder einer Gürtelprüfung gestellt, die ich auch bestanden habe. Formenlauf, Einschritt- und Freikampf gingen glatt über die Bühne, ich hatte nur etwas Bammel vor dem Bruchtest (Yop-Chagi), da ich den vorher noch nicht geübt hatte. ... Read More
PostgreSQL recently published new point releases which fix the usual range of important bugs (data loss/wrong results, etc.) and additionally fix another case of insecure “security definer” functions (the analogon to setuid programs in file system space for SQL functions) (CVE-2007-6600). Please see the complete changes for 8.1.18 (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS), 8.3.8 (Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, 8.10, and 9.04), and 8.4.1 (Ubuntu 9.10). 8.4.1 is already in Ubuntu 9.10 and in my PostgreSQL Backports PPA for Ubuntu 8. ... Read More
It has been broken for two months, since we upgraded to the “new” (not quite any more) gdm in Karmic: But I finally got around to re-doing the gdm patch for supporting a guest session for 2.27. I use it myself a lot for testing stuff with a clean user profile, so I can finally delete my herd of test users again. One known drawback is that the guest session is not currently restricted by AppArmor rules yet. ... Read More
I moved my blog from its old home to my own server, replacing my ancient home page. — Mein Blog ist von seiner alten auf meinen eigenen Server umgezogen, und hat damit auch gleich meine Uralt-Homepage ersetzt.
I often do upstream releases of my upstream projects that I do on Launchpad, mostly for Apport and jockey. But doing this has been quite tedious until now: You have to go to the project page, pick the series (usually “trunk”), create a new release, create a new milestone along the way, then go to “add download file”, and upload your .tar.gz and .tar.gz.asc. Because this is rather inconvenient, I don’t do as many upstream releases as I should. ... Read More
Today I returned from a great mini-vacation (long weekend). My parents and I visited my sister, in-law, niece, and nephew in Bavaria. We don’t see each other very often, it’s always great for me to see my niece and nephew grow, and play with them. The highlight of the vacation was on Sunday, when my father, my in-law, and me went to Insbruck, Austria, on a 5-hour fixed-rope route climbing tour. ... Read More

gvfs: Buh-bye, hal!
3 July 2009

In the merciless vendetta for purging hal we now reached another major milestone: gvfs, GNOME’s file system layer which handles USB storage as well as virtual file systems for libgphoto2 cameras, Bluetooth devices, audio CDs, or ftp/sftp/cifs mounts, is now fully ported to libgudev and doesn’t need hal at all any more. These long nights of porting weren’t in vain, after all \o/. Now I just need to hassle David Zeuthen to apply the patches soon. ... Read More