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PostgreSQL 9.2 final available for Debian and Ubuntu

PostgreSQL 9.2 has just been released, after a series of betas and a release candidate. See for yourself what’s new, and try it out!

Packages are available in Debian experimental as well as my PostgreSQL backports PPA for Ubuntu 10.04 to 12.10, as usual.

Please note that 9.2 will not land any more in the feature frozen Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Quantal (12.10) releases, as none of the server-side extensions are packaged for 9.2 yet.

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New PostgreSQL microreleases with two security fixes

New PostgreSQL microreleases with two security fixes and several bug fixes was just announced publically.

I spent the morning with the packaging orgy for Debian unstable and experimental (now uploaded), Debian Wheezy (update sent to security team), Ubuntu hardy, lucid, natty, oneiric, precise (LP #1008317) and my backports PPA.

I tested these fairly thoroughly, but please let me know if you encounter any problem with these.

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PostgreSQL 9.0 final released

After 20 days of final polishing and maturing since the release candidate, the PostgreSQL team released the final 9.0 version today.

Hot off the press, I uploaded postgresql-9.0 final into Debian unstable; they will not go into Debian Squeeze, because Squeeze is frozen and it will take a long time to port all the packaged server side extensions to 9.0.

If you are on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS or Ubuntu 10.10, you can add my PostgreSQL backports for stable Ubuntu releases PPA, which will carry 9.0 until it can be moved to the official Ubuntu backports (i. e. when 9.0 goes into Ubuntu Natty).

Enjoy, and kudos to the PostgreSQL team!

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PostgreSQL 8.4beta1 available for testing

Some days ago, the first public beta of PostgreSQL 8.4 was announced. I uploaded a CVS snapshot to Debian experimental two weeks ago, but it didn’t make it out of NEW yet.

Packaging the actual 8.4 bits was actually pretty easy, just took me half a day to adapt the 8.3 packaging and eventually figuring out how to build the entire documentation from SGML sources with Debian/Ubuntu’s broken docbook-utils.

I spent much more work work on supporting 8.4 in postgresql-common, especially with the new per-database locales, migrating changed postgresql.conf parameters in pg_upgradecluster, and so on. Now almost all of the > 1000 tests pass, so I believe it is pretty solid now.

The only exception is the changed behaviour in verifying the server side’s SSL certificate from the client side. At first I thought it was a bug, and reported it to upstream, but it evolved into a pretty lengthy and interesting discussion about the right defaults for SSL verification. I’ll work on better defaults, and the test suite to pass 100% soon.

I invite you give the beta a good beating. Packages for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and 9.04 are in my
postgresql PPA. Due to postgresql-common, you can safely run 8.4 in parallel with existing 8.3 instances, test-upgrade your 8.3 ones to 8.4 and compare them, etc.

Feedback appreciated!

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